5 Ways to Keep Your Workout Habits Interesting

Workout Habits

In writing about keeping an all-natural diet, Sam Thayer cautions that force-feeding yourself bitter greens and distasteful organic soup is the wrong way. “There’s nothing enjoy more than venison steak and salsify sprouts,” writes Thayer in Nature’s Garden. “Find what you like within what you need.”

The same goes for your workout routine. If you find yourself drowning in the monotony of the same exercise regimen, a few tweaks can help you stay motivated. Apply your creativity and start craving the workout again!

Outdoor Running

A treadmill can be a lonely, boring place to run your “laps.” So try running in your local park. Scenery and wildlife can be a terrific diversion and mood lift while allowing diversity in your running – sprinting up a lush hillside can be much more rewarding than simply pressing the “climb” button on your mechanical in-home surface. Live in the inner city and not sure where to go? Try looking up your local web resources to find spacious and scenic parks wherever you live.

Workout Room Entertainment

Sometimes, the most beneficial exercises can seem the most repetitive and lackluster – such as calisthenics or endless pull-ups. A well-designed entertainment center in your workout room can be the best antidote.

Many experts believe that the “rhythm” of TV shows – Act 1, commercial, Act 2, commercial, climax, and so on can actually help plan and execute a workout regimen. But careful with your posture! Research shows that becoming too engrossed in a TV program or a movie can hurt posture during a treadmill session, putting undue stress on your already-exerted body.

Competitive Sports

Despite the cliché of the driven, passionate weight-lifter toning in solitude, many find that a solitary workout routine can be lonely and draining over the long haul. Meanwhile, group exercise is often associated with golf leagues, leisure cycling and so on. But if intense muscle-building and cardiovascular fitness is your bag, try a contact sport. Men’s recreational leagues in ice hockey, rugby and even American football are rife in all fifty states. Once again, check your local web resources and find a strenuous, yet recreational and fun solution.

Future Research Possibilities

Workout Habits

Among many of the new products currently under scientific research and development is the polypeptide IGF-1 LR3 which may promote muscle growth and fat-burning through a synthesis of a natural substance made in the human body. Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown that IGF-1 LR3 can increase protein synthesis, decrease protein degradation, and increase the size and number of muscle fibers. It is not currently approved for human use by the FDA.

Warm-Down Habits

An efficient “warm-down” is as important as anything you do in your workout or intake regimen. Simply relaxing after intense exercise can help harmful lactic acid settle in your joints and cause dreadful soreness the morning after.

However, if a post-weightlift routine of jumping jacks or jogging around the block seems like drudgery, try other more recreational tactics, such as playing Frisbee with a pet or walking home from a nearby gym. Can’t wait to get in the shower? Try getting wet in your pool instead, with a slow and leisurely swim.